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How to maintain leather handbags? Teach you 6 simple and effective methods


How to maintain leather handbags? Teach you 6 simple and effective methods

The authoritative expert in women's leather handbags - Shenzhen Conceptcase Leather Co.Ltd. Today, I would like to introduce you how to maintain leather handbags? Teach you 6 simple and effective methods.
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Leather handbags are light and practical, and are essential for girls to go shopping. Different styles of handbags can be matched with different clothes. But how many people know how to maintain leather handbags? Often after a long time, their leather is no longer smooth, the handle becomes black and dirty, the metal fittings are constantly scratched, and the lining is full of stains... Today, Walrus will teach you a few simple and effective methods to keep your Leather handbags "keep youth forever".

1. The first way to maintain: use it with love

Usually when using handbags, pay attention not to be scratched, not to be rained, not to be polluted, these are the most basic common sense of maintaining handbags.

If the handbag is accidentally exposed to rain, it must not be roasted or exposed to the sun, otherwise it will be seriously deformed. The safest way to deal with it is to dry the water droplets first, and then place them in a cool place to dry for half an hour.

2. Please "prescribe the right medicine" for maintenance of different materials

Rare leather handbags such as crocodile skin, ostrich skin and lizard skin need to be cleaned with a dry towel, and then lightly coated with a layer of leather brightener to increase the luster of the leather surface.

For special materials such as suede, suede, fleece, etc., you need to use a soft animal hair brush to swipe the surface of the handbag.

The above materials are not easy to take care of, so try to avoid sticking food or paint with strong adhesion; and cotton, cloth and other easily dirty materials, please remember not to use a brush to clean, easy to leave traces and dirt, wipe with a clean and moist towel Then it can be air-dried naturally.

Remember, it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine to allow the handbag to get intimate care and maintenance.

3. Regular maintenance is essential

First of all, do not put heavy items in the handbag, otherwise the handbag will lose its original shape over time.

The second is to pay attention to the maintenance of the handle. Frequent contact with the hand makes the handle extremely easy to wear and accumulate dirt. Keeping the palm clean when carrying the bag, or tying a silk scarf to decorate the handle can effectively keep the handle clean.

Third, if the stains are stuck, they must be dealt with immediately. Toothpaste, alcohol or detergent can temporarily treat the stains.

Of course, keep some professional leather care tools, such as walrus leather bag care hand mask or leather care oil, regular self-maintenance is king.

How to use the walrus skin care hand mask

4. The lining of the handbag is just as important

Nowadays, many luxury handbags are lined with precious materials such as full leather and even crocodile leather, so please do not neglect the maintenance of the lining.

Make sure to seal the cosmetics or food in the bag. If you accidentally leak it, it will affect the entire lining. It is better to put a cap pen instead of pressing the pen, so as not to “scratch” the lining after the pen is pressed. .

Finally, please try to avoid placing sharp objects to avoid scratching the lining, so that the handbag can also be "the same inside and outside".

5. Make hardware accessories shiny for a long time

The hardware accessories of big-name bags were originally designed to reduce the wear and tear of the corners of the leather, but in recent years, they have gradually evolved into a part of handbag design. The hardware accessories are rusted or affect the appearance very much, so be sure to wipe them regularly.

If the hardware has been slightly oxidized or rusted, you can wipe it gently with toothpaste or flour. In addition, when using handbags, avoid collision with sharp objects, so as to avoid scratches on hardware accessories.

6. Choose the correct location to keep the handbag

How to store and place handbags is a science, and everyone needs two "artifacts": dust bags and shredded paper balls.

The stylish handbags need to be put into shredded paper balls to maintain their "body shape". After basic cleaning, please wrap them in dust-proof bags (patent leather bags should not be stored in plastic bags), and finally put them in a ventilated and space-saving bag. in the cabinet.

You can't be vague about soft and invisible handbags. Try not to mix handbags with soft materials such as lambskin and soft cowhide with sharp objects. Hanging or laying flat in a storage box is a good choice. If you find creases or creases in your handbag, turn the hair dryer to a low setting and blow the creases lightly.

Since leather is a special material, it takes more care in maintenance to keep leather products as new forever. As long as the classic big-name handbags with rare leather are properly maintained, they can not only be carried for a lifetime, but even passed on to the next generation.