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Definition and cleaning of Travel Bags

Travel bag is also called travel bag, as the name implies, it refers to a type of bag prepared for travel or travel. It is a type of bag that can be used to pack daily necessities or anything that you want to bring with you when you leave your hometown to travel long distances, do things or visit, or devote yourself to nature and enjoy the sun and rain. Travel bags can be divided into backpacks, bags and drag bags. When choosing, consider the volume and style, in addition to factors such as the user's figure and body shape, and weight-bearing capacity.

Travel Bags are always contaminated with soil, dust, and sweat after use. It is recommended to use a dry soft brush to remove the dust on the outer layer of the backpack. Wipe it directly with a damp cloth, but it is easy to stain the surface of the fabric. Rinse with clean water again. If there is oily dirt, it is best to use a neutral detergent. If it is difficult to judge the nature of the solution, you can use body wash or shampoo instead. Rinse it well and place it in a cool place to air dry. Do not expose it to the sun, as ultraviolet rays will easily cause the fiber to harden and become brittle. After going up the stream or a long-day trip, soak for about 30 minutes, or rinse with plenty of water to prevent organic matter, small creatures, or rotten leaves in the stream from getting stuck in the carrying system, causing mold or breeding bacteria. When it is not completely dried, the waterproof coating on the surface of the backpack is damaged. This is the best time to spray and maintain it with a professional water repellent. After spraying the professional outdoor water repellent, your backpack will have the same water repellent function as the new one!