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Material of Briefcase

1.Genuine leather
Genuine leather material is the most common upscale briefcase production material, especially in the majority with cowhide, material made of genuine leather briefcase texture is very good, quality also is very good, does not use push with time long, the phenomenon such as peel, fade, leather briefcase material price is also very handsome, especially the famous brand of briefcase, many times by people as a status symbol. But dermal material maintenance is not a simple thing, a little attention is easy to damage.

2.PU leather
PU leather, also known as synthetic leather or artificial leather, is not made of genuine leather, but made of resin, chemical fiber and other synthetic products. PU leather after processing, its appearance and feel can be as good as real leather. The biggest advantage of Pu leather is that it is cheap and colorful, but Pu leather is not wear-resistant and will fade and peel off after a long time of use, which will affect the image and temperament of users.

Canvas is a more versatile material than leather, and it is the material most handbags are made of. Canvas can be decorated through printing, embroidery and other ways, so that the package surface more aesthetic. Advantages: tough and resistant to folding, waterproof, clear texture, pattern faults: not easy to clean, heavier. Briefcases made of canvas are not as good as those made of genuine leather and PU leather, and are not suitable for daily wear. Therefore, most people will not choose briefcases made of canvas.

Nylon is a high-grade compound chemical fiber material, its permeability, portability, wear resistance and water resistance is very good; So nylon is often used to make sports or outdoor handbags. Advantages, strong wear resistance, light weight, elastic, breathable, waterproof, disadvantages, poor moisture absorption, with a long time will pilling.

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