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Men's Briefcase Using Etiquette in Workplace: Notification

Briefcase is also an accessory of men's dress etiquette. For men who often go out, there is a suitable briefcase on hand. One can be used to place documents, tickets and cigarettes and other daily necessities. Second, holding a briefcase has a sense of beauty, can add a bit of handsome. The briefcase is mainly black leather, but you can choose to match it with other colors depending on the outfit. Fabrics with leather is appropriate, such as cowhide, sheepskin. Standard briefcase is a portable rectangular briefcase, and other types of leather bags such as case, clip, shoulder and back can not be used in formal occasions.
How to tell a man's briefcase from a good one
First, watch the car stitches. All brand briefcases have uniform, neat seams, and some high-end brands have security lines. And imitation brand briefcase stitching color is dark, also not plain;
Second, watch the appearance version. The brand briefcase version of the cutting is smooth, strong sense of three-dimensional, no bubbling, bare burrs on the surface; The imitation brand briefcase version is loose, the surface of the bag is bubbling, and the edges and corners are inferior;
Third, watch the lining work. Brand briefcase inside the space at a glance, material close to the outer material, lining seams tight; And the imitation brand briefcase lining seam is too large, too much thread, lining and the body seam is not natural;
Fourth, watch zippers, locks and other accessories. Brand briefcase zipper and lock material are made of high quality metal material, material is not easy to oxidation, fade; Brand briefcase zipper smooth, zipper and bag body natural suture; And the threads around the zipper in the fake brand briefcase are tight.