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Men's Briefcase Using Etiquette in Workplace: Use Briefcase

1.the bag should not be much. It's convenient to have a bag when you go out. But with a bag, it is good to bring a bag, there is no need to carry with the back, several bags on the body, give a person a complicated feeling.
2.Two, with the bag is not publicity. Remove the leather label attached to the briefcase before using it. Never show the value of your briefcase to outsiders. These details are in order not to make me feel proud.
3.Do not pack everything is your briefcase. Before you go out, try to pack your belongings in a designated place in your briefcase. This is convenient to use, and it is not easy to find in other places. But remember, don't put useless things in your briefcase, especially don't make it too big. Keep everything in your briefcase organized. In general, keep your briefcase looking good.
4.With the briefcase is not put in disorder. After entering other people indoor, answer to put briefcase blindly namely on the floor of the place adjacent that he takes a seat, or the place that host appoints, and do not put its disorderly on desk, chair. Also must notice in public place, do not let it put hinder others. If you have valuables, you should also pay attention to the security of your  briefcase.