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What color does Wallet make for money?

Wallet is one of the items we usually use. It is not only an accessory. In Feng Shui, it is closely related to our wealth. What color wallet will a woman use for wealth? What wallet can I use to gather money?

Woman uses a long straight golden purse to attract fortune.

1. The long straight wallet has a good effect of attracting money

There are many styles of wallets. Some girls like small and cute wallets, but this kind of wallet is not good for wealth. The best wallet is a long straight wallet, because a long straight wallet can put money directly into it at any time, and the effect of attracting money is the best. The money in a cute, mini-style wallet actually "bends down" every day, and the money will naturally not be able to gather wealth if it is not stretched.

2. Gold symbolizes wealth harvest

Gold symbolizes nobility, glory, luxury, and glory; gold represents power and honor; it also symbolizes wealth and harvest; golden wallet represents wealth and is a good choice.

3. Change a wallet a year to attract wealth

The wallet itself is a gathering place for a person's money. If the wallet is used well, it can bring endless wealth to oneself. Generally speaking, girls’ wallets and bags are replaced more frequently. In fact, this is very conducive to Feng Shui. Because a wallet can only be used for about three years at most, the luck in the wallet is basically used up after three years. The best time for purse feng shui is the first year you buy it back, so the frequency of changing a purse a year is the best.

Women use long straight pink, rose red, and light yellow purses to gather wealth.

1. The most suitable color for women to prosper—pink, rose, light yellow

For women, pink is the best because it is the color of love. Adding fans to money means that you love him (money). The source of money must "return fans" and fall in love with you.

Pink or red is the same as pink, which can help you attract peach blossoms. At the same time, it (the opposite sex) will also make you rich. Light yellow and yellow are also good, because golden yellow is the same as gold and money. It represents wealth and often invests in big projects. People usually choose yellow wallets, hoping that lucky yellow can help in their careers. But yellow's ability to gather money is slightly worse.

2. The color of keeping wealth and gathering wealth-black, brown, brown

Black, brown, and brown wallets are the wallets that you will never buy wrong, for both men and women. Because black, brown, and coffee colors are intended to be calm, and to manage money well, you can keep money and gather money.

3. Colors of scattered wealth that should not be touched-red, blue, white

Red, the five elements belong to fire. Although it is the most lucrative color, it also means that it is easy to spend money, no money is saved, and red represents a deficit, so red wallets are not recommended, and many insiders avoid red wallets.

When you are out of luck, you can choose a red wallet.

Blue, the five elements belong to water, money will flow like water, and the bamboo basket is empty, so blue wallets are not suitable;

White is a very clean color. If a clean face is a good thing, then a clean wallet is hard to see. Therefore, a white wallet is not recommended.