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Leather Backpack care method

The leather surface of the bag is also like our skin, it needs maintenance and care, and it also needs proper care methods and means, otherwise it will only be counterproductive. Take care of your beloved bag, and it will accompany us further. The sense of luxury sometimes does not lie in how expensive the clothing is, but whether the details are exquisite and tidy, so whether your bags are ordinary goods or famous brands, you must cherish and maintain them so that you will not be rude when you take them out. In addition, many people regard brand-name bags as investments. If you want to resell them at a good price in the future, you must ensure that it is as clean as new to ensure its value. Can luxury bags be taken care of by themselves? Look down to reveal it for you.

Of course, the current bag care and repair technology is very sophisticated, but even so, it is not as important as the love and care at the beginning. Careful and exquisite care can greatly extend the life and gloss of the bag. Let’s learn how to care for leather bags with Zheng Zhuofeng Leather Care. After buying a new bag, you should clean the surface every two or three months. But remember to use a good-quality leather care cream. This step must not be ignored, because proper protection can prevent contamination, grease, and prevent various problems. Even if you are afraid of trouble, at least wipe it with a wet wipe, but it is ideal to clean it thoroughly with special supplies regularly to keep the bag in its best condition. Follow the specific steps below to keep your purse new for a long time.

1. Wipe the bag with soap and warm water

If your bag is frequently used, you should mix a small amount of soapy water with warm water once a week, and wipe off the dirt on the bag with a soft damp cloth.

2. Wipe along the leather texture

This is done to avoid damage to the leather.

3. Use appropriate cleaning agents

Qianji do not use baby wipes, vinegar or any "home furnishings" to remove stains, because these products contain chemicals that may cause the leather to fade, dry, or even leave unsightly marks.

4. Clean up ink smudges immediately

Scratching a leather bag is definitely the most distressing thing. The best way is to seek professional help as soon as possible. Even if you can't, try to use leather products that remove ink and follow the care instructions to repair.

5. Don't force decontamination

If the stain has a certain history, never try to remove it by yourself, you should go to an experienced expert to solve it.

6. Maintain shape with filler

When storing the leather bag, you should insert an appropriate amount of filler to support the shape of the leather bag.

7. Do not clean oil stains with water

If the leather bag is stained with oil stains, do not use water to remove it, because it will easily damage the leather.

8. Use special cleaners to deal with stubborn stains

Some cream-like cleaners are applied directly on the skin to clean up stubborn stains. Although they may be more expensive, they are also worth using.

9. Pay attention to materials before cleaning

If your leather bag is made of velvet, leather, metal and other different materials, you should carefully choose the corresponding cleaning supplies. For example, general leather cleaners are not effective for suede stains.

10. Partial test before use

Before using a new cleaning product, you should pick an inconspicuous place to test to ensure that it will not ruin the entire bag.

11. Don't run out of hand cream and carry bags

After using the hand cream, the hands are sticky. It is not advisable to touch the leather directly, unless you really want to leave oil stains on the bag...

12. Use dust bag

A dust bag is attached when you buy a bag. Don't throw it away at will, because it is very useful for keeping the bag clean. Even if there is no dust bag, at least use an old pillowcase to wrap it.

13. Don't let direct sunlight

The bag should be hidden away from direct sunlight to prevent the leather from fading.

14. Pay attention to dress color

If you are holding a light-colored leather bag, try not to wear dark clothes. Because the dyes of clothes may fade, it is difficult to remove them when dyed on leather.

15. Clean up stains with shoe polish

In case there is really no way to solve the stains, you can finally try shoe polish with a color similar to the leather and gently wipe it in a small area.

16. Use the right method to drive the smell

If the bag has an unpleasant smell, you can use a deodorant, but you should not use a deodorant spray because they may damage the leather.

17. Deodorize with baking powder

If there is a lingering smell, you can pour some baking powder into an open container, carefully put it in a leather bag, and then put the leather bag in a dust-proof bag for 24 hours to allow the baking powder to absorb the smell.

18. Don't use saddle soap

Saddle soap (Saddle Soap) is a very famous leather cleaning product, but it is too strong for leather bags, and it will easily fade.

Finally, be careful not to use products such as bag cleaners, care oils, etc., first figure out the skin of the bag and the ingredients of the cleaner, and then choose the correct product to care for the bag, remember!