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Introduction of Wallet

Wallets are divided into traditional bags filled with physical objects and virtual electronic wallets. Traditional wallets are things that people carry with them to hold money or other small items. They have also symbolized people's taste and status since ancient times.

The wallet can collect money and bank cards, credit cards and other currency tools together in a small bag, which is convenient to carry and use, usually the size of a palm. Nowadays, in addition to the above functions, the wallet can also be used as a personal accessory or as a family photo folder.
Style classification
Purses can be basically divided into medium and long wallets and short wallets according to their styles; medium and long wallets have a rectangular shape and a longer length. If you have a lot of things and put your wallet in your bag, choose a medium and long bag. In terms of short wallets, medium and long wallets are also more atmospheric. Short wallets are relatively short in length and width, generally close to a square. If you often pack money in your pockets, you should use a short wallet.

Buying guide
Precautions for purchasing a leather wallet:
A wallet is a necessary carry-on item. It not only needs to carry money, but also often carries important documents. It also shows taste and temperament at the moment when the wallet is taken out. Then when buying a wallet, how to do it? How about choosing the right wallet?
When choosing a wallet, the most important thing is to choose a wallet that suits your identity and reflects your personality. We analyze it from the following three aspects:
1. Recognize the genuine leather signs.
2. Check whether the goods have trademarks, factory names and addresses, and certificates of conformity. Imported leather products should have Chinese labels.
A. Wallets are commonly used things. Naturally, the highest principle is practicality. When choosing a wallet, regardless of the style, quality, brand, enough layers of cards, and the internal spacing, etc., should be the focus of consideration.
B. Compared with a simple coin purse, a style that integrates a key case and a coin purse is more suitable for you who emphasize practicality. It can store small items such as keys and coins, which is also in line with the capable image of modern women.
C. Men's wallets are mainly made of dark leather materials, and the style is simple and generous! If you are a man with a bag, you can choose a rectangular wallet, if it is a wallet that is carried in a trouser pocket, you can choose to put the money horizontally Your wallet! Don't choose too expensive and too wasteful, and don't buy too cheap to get it.

The metal parts of wallets, such as pull tabs, clasps, key hooks, etc., must be gilded in good condition. Generally speaking, copper products are less prone to rust and discoloration. Pay attention to whether the seams of the wallet are tight, but note that if it is too tight, the entire leather surface will be pulled too tightly, causing the wallet to rupture. Pay attention to whether there are too many seams on the leather surface. If there are too many seams, it means that it is made of multiple different pieces of leather. Therefore, a good wallet should avoid too many seams.