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Several coups for leather repair, teach you how to repair handbag leather goods quickly


In the luggage and leather goods and handbag industry, an expensive bag is dyed or deformed after a few days of use, or the cloth case is stained with oil and cannot be removed, which is heartbreaking. Some friends are engaged in the business of high-end leather goods and handbags, and it is inevitable that a small part of the products will be damaged during the logistics and transportation. Therefore, this article uses the simplest and direct method to tell you how to use high-end luggage and leather goods normally and reasonably, and a few simple repair treatments for handbags and leather goods. Coup.

Cloth products

The problems encountered by general cloth products are mostly dyeing, of course, except for special fabrics that have been nano-treated. No matter what kind of fabric and composition, they have a common property that they have to be dyed and shaped after being woven, and the shape must be sizing, such as AC glue, PU glue, etc., even if it is a back-coating process, due to the surface fabric The yarn count can be so fine that it is difficult to discern with the naked eye, and it is quite difficult to handle once the oil stains.

The simple solution is to dilute the detergent to one-tenth, lightly apply it to the oily area, which is larger than the oily area, apply it to your hands and rub it with a dampened pure cotton bleached knitted cloth to make it evenly penetrate, about a few minutes apart Then use a pure cotton bleached knitted cloth dampened with water and wipe it until it is clean. If it takes a long time, the penetration time needs to be prolonged to deal with.

Of course, the factory batch processing will use gun water and spray gun to process, that is another matter. If you encounter satin or rice high material series, once it changes color when wet, you can choose the whole wet water to air dry.

PU leather products

Semi-PU material occupies a considerable portion of the market share, and its price is cheap, and the overall cost of the product is low. Therefore, in this case, the problem of color absorption and color migration occurs, and the only way to solve it is to cover it, and there is nothing else. law.

PU material is not much for this kind of dyeing, the color fastness of the product itself is not bad, only accidental dyeing occurs, lightly wipe with wind oil, and cover treatment is also used for serious cases, but there is a post-treatment It is even more difficult to deal with the process of doping into it.

Leather products

The dyeing of this kind of products is almost uniformly treated by spraying. If it is a simple small area or small spot, you can consider gently wiping with clean water and then air-drying. If it encounters discoloration tree bark, just wipe it with sandpaper. This kind of situation is rare for special leather, and special treatment can be used, such as color change, oil spraying, smearing, wiping, replacement and so on. The two-layer leather and the shaved leather are relatively flat on the leather surface and are easier to handle under the same conditions. Except for the mirror leather, if the mirror leather is stained, use wind oil for the slightest, and it cannot be processed at all.

Hardware discoloration

When hardware discoloration occurs, it is mostly caused by contact with air to oxidize it. In this case, it is sufficient to repair and protect the hardware at the initial stage. The method is to use lacquer oil + thinner water, and gently apply it after the hardware is cleaned. Let it dry slowly, add white water if it foams. This happens because the hardware has its own problems when it leaves the factory, but it can't be found in a short time. When customizing for the hardware factory, the process such as hanging sealing is required. Generally, this situation is mostly zinc alloy and iron hardware. Few people complain about this situation with copper hardware.

Zipper is missing teeth

Excessive force may cause the sprocket teeth to fall off. You can find a tooth from the same manufacturer to fill it up. Do not use a tooth from a different manufacturer to operate. It is also better to throw the bag directly to the zipper factory to make a single tooth, but unless it is a very high-end leather factory product, the repair cost is higher.

Any product is afraid of sharp and hard collisions and scratches. This must be paid special attention. Each bag also has its load-bearing range. Bags are used for decoration and matching with related products to have a storage effect. Be careful when using improperly. , Because the bag is not used normally, it is easy to damage the bag, and it is also easy to break, especially the leather bag.

Choose the correct repair method according to the leather of the bag. Don't use care products or brushes lightly. Unprofessional handling can easily damage the product, and the gain is not worth the loss! The chemical composition of the product material, the chemical reaction with the care product, the hardness of the brush and the acceptability of the product, etc. all need to be considered.